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Special Services Directory

Please see below to find the contact and building information for the Special Services staff at the Confluence Schools. For a more comprehensive list, please check out our Special Services Directory here

Director of Special Services
Jana Schaefer Starwalt
Resource Office

Special Education Coordinator for Old North and South City
Stacy Blassingame

Special Education Coordinator for Walnut Park and CPA
Darla Hemrick

Special Education Coordinator for Assessments, Eligibility, and Medicaid
Barb Shumard

ELL Coordinator
Carolyn Lammert
South City

Lead Learning Specialists
Allison Brewer
Old North

Jen Eckrich
South City

Candace Poindexter
Walnut Park

Joann Nolte

Tanisha Stanciel

Homebound Liaisons
Jonathan Abbott, (WP)
Rochelle Bates, (ON)
Rashaad Davenport, (GCAA)
Brandie Jenkins, (CPA)
Alesha Morrison, (SC)

504 Liaisons
Ashley Brewer, (SC)
Rashaad Davenport, (GCAA)
Bella Hafezi, (GCAA)
Deborah Hoechst, (ON)
Liz Hoelzer, (CPA)
Ronald London, (WP)
Ebony Sistrunk, (SC)