Section 504
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Following is some basic information about 504 plans. If you have a question about your child's 504 plan, please refer to the Contact Us! section to find your building 504 Liaison. 

A 504 Plan is an individualized plan for students with disabilities that impact their learning ability. Students with 504 Plans may not require the special education support that an IEP may provide, however, may require additional classroom support. For students who meet the eligibility requirements, they may benefit from the additional support that required accommodations, modifications, and other potential services may provide because of their existing and documented disability. 

Make sure your child's 504 Plan is up to date by maintaining accurate contact information with your child's 504 case manager and classroom teacher. 

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) has created a comparison chart between a 504 Plan and an IEP. This chart can be viewed here. This website is a great tool for families, teachers, and other educational staff to refer to when researching or seeking information about their child's learning difficulties. 

Section 504 Procedural Safeguards

Just in case you no longer have your copy handy, or would just like some light reading material, you can view or print an additional copy here

The Department of Education's Letter Regarding Extracurricular Activities and Involvement of Students with Section 504 Plans

Recently, the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights published a letter about a study that reviewed the involvement of students with Section 504 Plans in extracurricular activities. They found that involvement wasn't as high as they would like, and they set out to ensure that students with Section 504 Plans are afforded the same opportunities that all students benefit from. Please take a minute to review this letter here