Board Meeting Summaries
In an effort to improve communications throughout Confluence Schools we will be providing you with the approved minutes from monthly Board of Directors meetings.

This information is intended to keep everyone abreast of important issues. 

Note: While Confluence Charter Schools is governed by one Board of Directors, we have two charter school sponsors and, as a result, two LEAs (local education agencies). The sponsors are University of Missouri-Columbia and Saint Louis University. Four campuses are sponsored by MU - Old North, South City, Walnut Park and Confluence Preparatory Academy. Grand Center Arts Academy is sponsored by Saint Louis University. 

The approved Board meeting minutes for the 2014-2015 school year:

   Minutes 5-09-2015 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 4-24-2015 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 3-28-2015 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 3-10-2015 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 1-27-2015 BOD Special Session.pdf
   Amended Minutes 1-15-2015 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 12-18-2014 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 11-15-2014 BOD Work Session.pdf
   Minutes 10-16-2014 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 9-19-2014 BOD Meeting.pdf   
   Minutes 8-29-2014 BOD Meeting.pdf
   Minutes 7-14-2014 BOD Meeting.pdf