Notes from Confluence Academy-Old North: Academic Challenge at WUSTL
Notes from Confluence Academy-Old North: Academic Challenge at WUSTL
Posted on 03/27/2015
logoON PhotoOn March 11, a group of Confluence Academy-Old North students participated in the Gifted Resource Council’s Academic Challenge Cup Equations Tournament. Students went to the beautiful Washington University campus to compete with 50 other teams of 6th, 7th and 8th graders from St. Louis area schools. The focus of this event was to have students think about ways to build critical math skills.

Students met during after-school enrichment tutoring for the last three months with Ms. Yelena Juracsik, Title I math teacher, to prepare for the tournament. They also worked extra hard during the last month of the competition. One game on equations covered a broad range of skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents and roots, decimals, fractions and more. As the players developed and moved among the levels, their skills became more sophisticated.

GRC believes “The purpose of this competition is to engage students in high-level thinking in a friendly competitive spirit. It is more important for students to leave the competition with a feeling of success and having fun, rather for them to leave with a trophy in hand. Everyone who does his/her best is a ‘winner.’ Ranking awards are not given; students and teams do not know what place they earned.”

ON photo 2Here is what the participants shared after the competition.

Kenneth: “I really liked the game. We didn’t win, but at least we had fun. The food was good, too.”

Deshawn: “The math competition was really fun and inspiring. It helped me learn a lot about math. And I was not the smartest person in a competition.”

Aaron: “I learned that there are some super smart kids in math.”

After the competition, students dined in the university café and they also toured the Washington University campus. The weather was absolutely beautiful that day.

So we would like to thank the teachers and student participants for putting in a lot of time and effort into preparing for the competition. It takes courage to try a new journey. Good job!

Many of the students are already looking forward to next year’s Academic Challenge.

~Submitted by Mrs. Juracsik, Title I math; Ms. Walter, fifth grade math, Ms. Goree, sixth grade math

Photos courtesy of Confluence Academy-Old North