A Note from Confluence Academy-Old North: Choir partners with Maryville University
A Note from Confluence Academy-Old North: Choir partners with Maryville University
Posted on 03/04/2015

The Confluence Academy-Old North choir has an exciting new partnership with Maryville University. On Monday, March 2, the two groups met for the first time. Please read the summary written by staff at Old North.


After meeting with the Maryville University song writing collaboration group, Lynette Ward, music teacher, graciously said, “I am so pleased to announce the commencement of the “Life Compositions” collaboration between Maryville University & CAON.”

CAON MaryvilleSix Maryville University graduate students will conduct therapeutic song writing sessions twice weekly for 30 minutes with six CAON choir students.

Some therapeutic song writing outcomes are:

• Improved self-image/increased self-esteem
• Decreased anxiety/agitation
• Increased verbalization
• Enhanced interpersonal relationships
• Improved group cohesiveness
• Enhanced self-expression and self-awareness
• Increased motivation
• Improved perception and differentiation of feelings
• Improved ability to recognize and cope with traumatic triggers

Brian Owens, local St. Louis-based artist, who has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Entertainment Tonight and Fox and Friends, will then take these compositions into Shock City Studios (They are on board – HOORAY!) where the students will record, market and distribute the final product. All proceeds will go to Confluence Academy-Old North.

“The Confluence Academy-Old North students are multi-talented and I am thankful for this opportunity to bring their talent to the forefront!” said Ms. Ward.

~Submitted by Old North staff

CAON Maryville

CAON Maryville