Notes from South City: Earth Day at Confluence Academy-South City, Compton
Notes from South City: Earth Day at Confluence Academy-South City, Compton
Posted on 04/24/2014
logoEarth Day was a great day at Confluence Academy-South City, Compton. Many students have been learning about the meaning of Earth Day, as well as ways to help protect our planet, including recycling, reusing items and reducing waste.

Students in Ms. Faber’s science lab learned about recycling and even formed a Recycling Team. They collected recyclable items from all of Compton’s classrooms and delivered them to our building recycling bin.

Ms. Stein’s students learned about ways to protect the Earth. They even made, and surprised, Mrs. Taylor with a special edible dirt treat!

Lorax flower potsMs. Bates’ second-grade class used Dr. Seuss’ story “The Lorax” to learn about ways to make the world a better place. They made Lorax pots and even planted flowers in them.

Mr. Wood taught Mrs. Bickel’s first graders about reducing trash, composting and recycling. Students collected and actually brought in a day’s worth of ‘clean’ trash to school and were able to weigh and sort their trash by recycling, trash and compost.

~ Submitted by Tiffany Bickel, first grade, Confluence Academy-South City
Photos courtesy of South City

Photo Above: Lorax flower pots from Ms. Bates' class

Recycling team   
 The Recycling Team carries items to the recycle bin.

clean trash  
Students compare and sort 'clean' trash from their homes.

recycling lesson
Mr. Wood teaches a lesson about recycling and composting.