College scholarships brighten the future for CPA seniors
College scholarships brighten the future for CPA seniors
Posted on 03/03/2014
Titan logoJamari Sky Jackson and Jasmine Spates are seniors at Confluence Preparatory Academy. Both girls are members of National Honor Society and they are actively involved in school clubs. They have a vision of their lives ahead, and both of them have brighter futures, thanks in part to college scholarships.

J JacksonSky, as she prefers, is an artist. She has a few favorite subjects at school, such as science, English and art. She is the dance team manager and is a former dance team member. She also played volleyball, and she is a member of the National Society of High School Scholars. Sky was accepted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an offer for $40,000 in scholarship funds. She was also accepted to Columbia College Chicago and Saint Louis University. In March, she expects to hear if she will receive more scholarship offers. She is still deciding which college is best for her.

“I’m excited. I’m still a high school student and it’s hard to think about going to college, but I’m excited to see new things and to meet new people,” said Sky.

“I started drawing when I was real little,” she said. “I started putting the date on my work when I was 9 or 10 years old and keeping it. I was learning a lot of it on my own.”

Then, when she was in eighth grade, she began to learn from family friends who are artists. She spent time with them on weekends, learning all she could.

“I just love art. I like to see my work when it’s finished,” Sky said. She looks for inspiration everywhere, from Tumblr to Vogue magazine. “I draw pictures from the models.”

She doesn’t have a favorite artist or style, she just knows what she likes. “An artist can create anything. If you like it, it’s yours. It’s still art. If it’s how you made it, how you want it, it is your art.”

Sky gives credit to her mother for her interest in art. “She wants me to be myself, to express myself. She is supportive of what I want to do.”

J SpatesJasmine is CPA’s National Honor Society president. She is involved in student government, Youth in Government and is the vice president of YMCA Leaders. She’s also in band and yearbook. Last summer, she spent a week at Girls State at University of Central Missouri.

Jasmine wants to study nursing. More specifically, she wants to be a neonatal nurse. She earned a full tuition scholarship to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to help her achieve her dream. She was also accepted to Southeast Missouri State University and University of Missouri-Kansas City.

She was at a scholarship event at SIUE, having lunch with 200 high school students competing for the same opportunity. Suddenly, there was an announcement. Everyone would receive a Provost Scholarship for full tuition.

“I thought it was joke,” Jasmine said.

“The parents were in another room. They already knew about the award. My mom was excited. I’m glad she was there and didn’t have to wait to find out about the Provost Scholarship,” Jasmine said. In the coming weeks, she will also find out if she earned other scholarships.

“I’m nervous about college, but I’m ready,” she said. “I feel like it’ll be hard, but I can do it.”

She’s getting advice from friends who graduated from CPA who are in college, talking to them about struggles and challenges to get ready for the reality of college.

Jasmine’s had her mind on SIUE since visiting the campus on a field trip as a junior.

“I went there and loved it,” she said. “I like the nursing program and that it’s direct admission. SIUE is away from home, but close enough that I can go home when I want.”

Her interest in working with babies is simple. “I have four younger siblings and I helped take care of them.”

After four years of high school, Sky and Jasmine have honest advice for younger students when it comes to academics.

“Four years have gone by fast. I did well, but I could’ve done better. I tell freshmen and other students to get the work done, don’t play around,” said Sky. “Your grades and your GPA count, especially if you want to get into a good college.”

“You should start out trying to do well first. Then you won’t have to struggle to try to graduate,” she added.

“You can’t slack off as freshmen and sophomores and expect to do well because your grades stay with you,” said Jasmine.

Sky and Jasmine will graduate with the Class of 2014 in May.