Walnut Park campus to welcome new principal
Confluence Academy-Walnut Park welcomes new principal for 2013-2014
Posted on 06/11/2013
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McAfee The Board of Directors of Confluence Charter Schools has selected Sheldon McAfee to serve as principal of Confluence Academy-Walnut Park for 2013-2014. McAfee will replace interim principal Mary L. Davis.


McAfee is an academy director at Confluence Academy-Old North. He started his tenure with Confluence in 2008 as an academy director at Confluence Academy-South City. He has more than 12 years of experience in education as a classroom teacher and administrator. He worked in the Rockwood School District, Montgomery Public Schools in Alabama and Bay County District Schools in Florida.


McAfee has a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Alabama State University and a master of public administration from Auburn University-Montgomery. He has a master’s in education administration from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


“I’m looking forward to working with the unique group of students and staff at Walnut Park,” said McAfee. He describes the staff as unique because they “work hard and they’re really excited to help our students from the surrounding community.”


The students are unique because they remind him of his youth.


“I feel like Walnut Park is the school I went to on the south side of Chicago. I see the kids and I see myself. I grew up in similar circumstances and I know what the kids are going through,” said McAfee.


“I had someone who cared about me, and who cared even more about my success. I had two awesome principals in elementary and high school. I want to give that same care to the students, to believe in them and to encourage them to keep trying.”

McAfee with students
  Sheldon McAfee, center, listens as a second-grade student reads to him.


The parents are significant to McAfee, too.


“The parents are important because they are critical piece of the formula for student success. I want them to know that I don’t plan on going anywhere. I want to show parents and students that together we can be successful,” he said.


McAfee said the responsibility of a principal is to “inspire and encourage students, to set examples and to give them something to think about” to influence their daily lives and their future.


“This is a dream-come-true job – an elementary school principal.”


Davis has served as interim principal since late September 2012. She is a retired educator from the East St. Louis School District. She has 34 years of experience, serving 12 years as a principal. She was hired as interim after the resignation of Angela Carpenter as principal.


“The Board appreciates Mrs. Davis for her leadership and dedication to our students, teachers and families this school year,” said Sonya Henry, Board chair.

McAfee's role is effective August 1.

McAfee with student