Confluence Charter Schools rewards teachers, staff with mini-grants
Confluence Charter Schools rewards teachers, staff with mini-grants
Posted on 01/30/2013

Rewarding great ideas with grant funds is one of many ways that Confluence Charter Schools supports teachers and staff. The “That’s A Great Idea” mini-grant program recognizes and encourages the great ideas of teachers and staff.


Annually, the district has awarded grants for ideas that promote Confluence-wide culture; integrate technology into the curriculum; promote parent involvement initiatives; foster collaborations between schools, with other disciplines and/or community partners; and demonstrate creative approaches to boosting student achievement.


This school year, the total amount of funds for the grant program was $4,800; enough money to fund 12 grants at $400 each. There were 37 applications, giving the grant review committee a lot of ideas to consider. Due to the varying amounts of the requests, the committee awarded 14 grants.


Sonya Henry, chair of the Board of Directors, presented award letters to grant recipients during surprise classroom visits at Old North, South City and Walnut Park.


Congratulations to the 2012-2013 That’s A Great Idea mini-grant recipients:


Allison Kanter, South City                 Literacy Achievement             $400

Maria Casaleggi, South City               Literacy Achievement             $400


Aisha Allen, Old North                      Literacy Achievement             $400

Samantha Snarzyk

Sara Sielfleisch

Brianne Nelp

Elizabeth Weaver


Laura Elling, South City                     Literacy Achievement             $350


Tanisha Stanciel, Walnut Park            Singapore Math                       $390
Dasia Mack


Patrick Knaus, South City                  Wireless SMART Slate           $400

Frank Watson, Old North                   Literacy Achievement             $400

Emily Hileman, Old North                 Literacy Achievement             $310

Keesha Burton, Old North                 Literacy Achievement             $210

Shenika Bishop, South City                Literacy Achievement             $170

Ashley Weber-Clarke, South City      Parent Resource Library         $400

Lyndsey Bittle, South City                 Literacy Achievement             $170


Pearlie Smith, Old North                    Literacy Achievement             $400
Cathline Todd

Ailisha Wilson

Brandy Walker


Erik Sporleder, South City                 Science Reference Library      $400

Mini grant photo South City
Erik Sporleder teaches science at South City and received a 'That's A
Great Idea' mini grant. The grant was presented by Sonya Henry, Board
chair (left) and Pam Davenport, principal.

Walnut Park grant pic
Sonya Henry, Board chair, presents a 'That's A Great
Idea' mini grant to Tanisha Stanciel and Dasia Mack
of Walnut Park. (Not pictured, Dasia Mack)

mini grant Old North
Frank Watson, a special education teacher at Old North,
received a "That's A Great Idea" mini grant. Sonya Henry,
Board chair, presented the honor to Watson.