Confluence Preparatory Academy teacher earns renewal for national certification
Confluence Preparatory Academy teacher earns renewal for national certification
Posted on 11/07/2012
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H BruekThe National Board for Professional Teaching Standards has renewed certification for Haley Brueck of Confluence Charter Schools.


Brueck teaches English 3, journalism and yearbook at Confluence Preparatory Academy. She earned certification in 2002 while teaching in Florida. She has 17 years of experience as a teacher. She worked in Florida for 11 years and in Columbia, Mo. for five years before joining Confluence.


National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. It complements, but does not replace, a state’s teacher license. Certification is valid for 10 years and renewal candidates must begin the process during their eighth or ninth year as a National Board Certified Teacher.


Brueck said she pursued certification with encouragement from other teachers and administrators.


“National Board Certification is one of the highest certifications a teacher can achieve. It’s based on Five Core Propositions and focuses on student achievement based on teacher efforts, actions and accomplishments, and not necessarily on test scores,” said Brueck.


The Five Core Propositions are: teachers are committed to students and their learning; teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students; teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning; teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience; teachers are members of learning communities.


“The process to achieve National Board Certification is a rigorous one. One that re-establishes what it means to be an accomplished, successful teacher – from curriculum planning to active learning to collaboration with other educators and professionals to self/curriculum/lesson assessment, evaluation and revision.


“The most important lesson I learned from the process is that no lesson is perfect, and that’s acceptable as long as you make modifications as soon as possible, or for the next time,” said Brueck.


She decided to become an educator while working professionally in the field of journalism.


“I was in the broadcast journalism industry when the offer to teach presented itself. I realized I was the one at my television production company, who in addition to my job as the lead field producer, was training incoming employees and I designed training and working manuals. I also loved my high school years and was very involved in sports and extracurricular activities.”


What does she enjoy most about teaching?


“The students! They are so full of hope, promise and personality. They keep me motivated to be the best I can be for them.”


Since 1987, more than 97,000 teachers have earned National Board Certification.